How to Use

Terahertz Wave Frequency

The wave frequency from the Terahertz stone and its ability to conduct both hot and cold thermal energy extremely quickly can easily be tested by placing it on ice as seen in the video below. This is one way to test the purity of the stone. We conduct this one simple test on all our products before shipping them out to customers.

When to Wear?

Terahertz stone can be placed anywhere on the body and can be worn all day and at night while sleeping.

Terahertz can be worn from a few hours to all the time. Some people will wear it all day at work. Some will put it on just when they have pain until the pain goes away. Some will sleep with it on to improve falling asleep and sleeping patterns.

However it best not to wear the necklaces, bracelets and anklets in the shower or clean it with water. Water can effect the strength and longevity of the inner cord. It’s best to polish the beads with a clean rag to keep it shiny and clean. Water on scrapers and pendants is not a problem.

How to Wear?

Necklaces, bracelets and anklets can obviously be worn as their names suggest. However many people will use body sticky tape, elastic compression style garments or a bandage to hold the terahertz in place on other parts of the body, such as on the knee, leg, thigh or back. Some people will even strap a scraper on the sore part of their body. How to use the scraper is further outlined below.


For pain, arthritis or cold hands use a bracelet, or a necklace looped around two or three times, placed around the wrist or the hand itself.


For a sore arm wear a bracelet or a looped necklace and use the scraper on the arm.

For a sore elbow wear a necklace looped and placed either side of the elbow.


For a headache wear the necklace on top of the head and use the scraper on the head and neck.

Legs & Feet

For sore knee wear a looped necklace around the knee.

For sore knee, legs or thighs hold the terahertz in place using strapping as described above.

For sore feet wear an anklet around the ankle or around the foot itself. A necklace could also be used but we haven’t had any reports of it being done as yet.

Neck, Shoulders & Back

For a sore neck and shoulders wear a necklace and or use the scraper to release tension, pressure and draw out toxins.

Wear a necklace to help with insomnia, quality of sleep and aid in falling asleep more quickly and easily.

How to Use the Scraper

The scraper is very popular among customers for soothing different parts of the body. They will scrape any part of the body with it. The most popular use is on the face, head, neck, shoulders, back and arms.

The scraper can be used on its own or with cream, massaging oil or ice. Ice appears to be a favourite on the face. While holding the scraper, place the tip of the scraper on a block of ice, watch it melt into the ice as it absorbs the thermal energy and becomes cold. Then with the cold tip of the scraper gently massage around the eyes, cheeks, forehead and behind the ears. After doing that you may feel very relaxed, even sleepy, and the skin may start to feel firmer and tighter.

Customers say that scraping the back and neck will bring toxins to the surface of the skin. If an area is bad it will appear very red compared to other areas that were scraped which may not be red at all. “You don’t need to scrape hard to get results” but you can scrape as hard as you feel comfortable.

Everyones body seems to be different and scraping time can vary though customers say if an area is bad it will start to appear red on the surface within one or a couple of minutes. Most customers will scrape an effected area for 5-10 minutes. The next time those red areas are scraped, which could be a couple of days or a week, those areas will not be half as red as the first time or not red at all.

Does it Improve Balance?

Customers say that wearing a necklace or bracelet can improve your balance. You can test this by not wearing the necklace, standing on one leg with arms out to the side and get someone to push their finger into your shoulder while they stand in front of you. Then do the same test again but this time while wearing the necklace. You should notice improvement in balance and a more rigid body.

Don’t Drop Terahertz stone on Hard Surfaces

Terahertz Stone is brittle and can easily shatter when dropped from height onto hard surfaces. A customer sent us a photo of what happened when she accidentally dropped her scraper onto tiles. That’s why some people prefer to order the Terahertz Scraper with Safety Cord.