Terahertz Stone 400g Bag of Assorted Stones

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400 grams of assorted polished and unpolished big Terahertz Stones is a convenient way to carry terahertz where ever you go, in your pocket or handbag. Or keep them on your desk or bedside or coffee table.

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Important Product Disclaimers:
  • Sizes, weights and hole positions are approximate and can vary slightly among the same product.
  • Terahertz products are individually hand made and are not free of imperfections which may include small air bubbles or pockets, small scratch or polishing marks and shape and size can vary slightly among the same product and which is displayed on our website.
  • Terahertz stone by its very nature is a light weighing stone. Larger products such as scrapers will have a bigger and faster effect when conducting the ice test, as compared to small terahertz stone beads.
  • Terahertz stone natural color is silver. Due to light, reflections and different devices you might be using, the color in the image may vary slightly to the actual color of the product under different lighting conditions.