Terahertz Stone Feather Pen + Lux Gua Sha Scrapers Combo Special

Our 2 most popular scrapers. The Feather Pen and Lux Gua Sha Combo Special. Normal price $93.98. Special Combo price $79.99.

The Terahertz Stone Feather Pen Gua Sha Scraper can be used as an acupuncture pressure point stick. Use it to apply pressure to any acupoint on the body. Most commonly it is used as a massage tool for the face especially around the eyes to revitalise the skin by stimulating blood and energy flow.

  • Approx. Size: 136mm (length) x 40mm (width at widest point) x 14mm (width in middle)
  • This is a solid 99.999% Terahertz Stone massage stick.
  • Can be used on any part of the body, designed for scraping face and body acupoints.
  • Especially good for massaging around eyes and nose.

The Terahertz Stone Lux Gua Sha Massage Scraper is a universal scraper ideal for all parts of the body. Though particularly effective for massaging and beautifying the face.

A little bigger and thicker than the standard Gua Sha scraper, it offers a little more area for grasping and applying pressure. A beautiful scraping board offering all round scraping benefits.

Approximate Size

Length: 8.2cm

Width: 5.3cm

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Important Product Disclaimers:
  • Sizes, weights and hole positions are approximate and can vary slightly among the same product.
  • Terahertz products are individually hand made and are not free of imperfections which may include small air bubbles or pockets, small scratch or polishing marks and shape and size can vary slightly among the same product and which is displayed on our website.
  • Terahertz stone by its very nature is a light weighing stone. Larger products such as scrapers will have a bigger and faster effect when conducting the ice test, as compared to small terahertz stone beads.
  • Terahertz stone natural color is silver. Due to light, reflections and different devices you might be using, the color in the image may vary slightly to the actual color of the product under different lighting conditions.