Terahertz Annular Necklace 10mm

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Our flagship product, the 10mm round terahertz stone bead necklace. The most practical of our products for harnessing terahertz stone properties but also worn as a fashionable accessory. Suitable for males and females. Used by customers to apply terahertz to any part of the body to increase blood circulation and stimulate metabolism and rejuvenation.

  • 60 x 10mm Terahertz Stone beads
  • Standard length 23.5 inches / 60cm
  • Strong double strand black elastic inner cord
  • Suitable for males and females

The inner cord is black rubber elastic. The elasticity allows the necklace to be placed on any part of the body and can be looped two or three times to be placed on the wrist, arm, ankle or leg and is very comfortable.

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Review: Terahertz Annular Necklace 10mm
I was troubled by sleep, it was very hard to fall asleep. After wearing the terahertz necklace for two or three days, I started to get better sleep quality. Now I don’t have to take sleeping pills as before.
Yang Shunfu
Truck Mechanic
I am an elderly person and have sore knees all year round. It’s not easy to walk. I put it on my knees and I feel great now. It’s almost all good. I used on both knees. My knees feel very relaxed. Now I use all over my body.​
Ling Zhao

Terahertz Annular Necklace 10mm

Terahertz Annular Necklace 8mm on knee & 2 x Annular bracelets 10mm & 2 x annular anklets 8mm

I don't know what it did but I put on my knee for 1 day and my knee hasn't hurt since, that was one month ago. I will put on again if it starts hurting.
Gary Barker
Terahertz Stone Healing Power Review Knee - Round 10mm Necklace

Terahertz Annular Necklace 10mm

Important Product Disclaimers:
  • Sizes, weights and hole positions are approximate and can vary slightly among the same product.
  • Terahertz products are individually hand made and are not free of imperfections which may include small air bubbles or pockets, small scratch or polishing marks and shape and size can vary slightly among the same product and which is displayed on our website.
  • Terahertz stone by its very nature is a light weighing stone. Larger products such as scrapers will have a bigger and faster effect when conducting the ice test, as compared to small terahertz stone beads.
  • Terahertz stone natural color is silver. Due to light, reflections and different devices you might be using, the color in the image may vary slightly to the actual color of the product under different lighting conditions.