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I don't know what it did but I put on my knee for 1 day and my knee hasn't hurt since, that was one month ago. I will put on again if it starts hurting.
Gary Barker
Terahertz Stone Healing Power Review Knee - Round 10mm Necklace

Terahertz Annular Necklace 10mm

I use the scraping board for headaches, which can reduce the pain by about 70%.
Cindy Liao
Real Estate Agent
Terahertz Stone Review Neck Scraping


My left thigh was sore and weak. I wore on my thigh and my thigh feels better by 80% after 4.5 hours. After one night, it's all good.
Jenny Chen
Terahertz Stone Review Thigh Healing Power - Round 10mm Necklace

Terahertz Annular Necklace 10mm

I used something similar to this before, I don’t feel anything at all and I don’t believe it. Now, because my hand bones have been strained I tried the terahertz, I was still sceptical at first. But now my hands have settled down a lot! It's actually very good.
Rosa Hsu
Construction Sales Executive
I have severe thalassemia. Dizzy at any time, no physical strength, short of breath, stuggle to walk up stairs. Wearing it on my hand it immediately eased it, now I am not dizzy and have more energy.
Pong Pong
Restaurant Owner
My left butt thigh is bad because of long-term walking posture, it will hurt when walking and is impossible to bend the knee. Wearing it on my thigh, I feel right now, and now I feel that my muscles and bones are loose.
Kuan Ho
Furniture Designer
I get sore legs after going to gym. I put on my legs after workout and it’s very soothing.
Jiang Jiang
Sales Manager
I am in the air-conditioned room at work and my hands and feet get super cold! After wearing terahertz on my wrists and ankles, they get warm and are not cold~~~
Kate Higgins
Terahertz Stone Review Ankle Foot Healing Properties - Square Face 8mm + 4mm Anklet
I am an elderly person and have sore knees all year round. It’s not easy to walk. I put it on my knees and I feel great now. It’s almost all good. I used on both knees. My knees feel very relaxed. Now I use all over my body.​
Ling Zhao

Terahertz Annular Necklace 10mm

Terahertz Annular Necklace 8mm on knee & 2 x Annular bracelets 10mm & 2 x annular anklets 8mm

I was troubled by sleep, it was very hard to fall asleep. After wearing the terahertz necklace for two or three days, I started to get better sleep quality. Now I don’t have to take sleeping pills as before.
Yang Shunfu
Truck Mechanic
I didn't expect this scraper to be very useful. After melting the ice to make the scraper cold and then massage the eye socket, my face and back of ear, all feel very good and relaxed. The skin is also tight. I use it every day.
Tracy Chi
Marketing Manager
I get a headache, put the necklace on my head, my headache gets better. Muscle soreness will also improve. I put Terahertz on any part of my body now when it is uncomfortable.
A Jin Wu
Mechanical Engineer
I have had tendonitis in my elbows for a number of years from lifting weights. I have been wearing the terahertz for a month now and my elbows are getting much better. I think it increases the blood flow to repair. I will keep wearing until fully healed.
David Mckenzie
Graphic Artist
Terahertz Stone Review Arm Elbow Healing Power - Round 10mm Necklace